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What is a Pet Sitter and Why Do I Need one?

If you work or like to go on vacation you will probably need a Pet Sitter at one time or another. People that have pets like to treat them like they are a part of the family but unfortunately at sometime you will need to have someone else care for your pets for you. To ease the pain of leaving your pets behind while you enjoy a well deserved vacation or need to travel for work you can trust they will be happy and safe in the care of lov4doggies Pet Sitting, LLC.

lov4doggies Pet Sitting, LLC will come to your home to care for your pets while you are away on vacation, or just need an extra hand with a new puppy or older dog that needs an extra potty break during the day.

Your pets stay in a familiar environment and keep the same routine. This will keep them less stressed and more comfortable.

By making visits to your home it will look like you never left. We will bring in the mail and newspaper, and turn off and on lights to keep the home looking occupied.

How it works…

Contact lov4doggies by phone or email as far in advance as you can, spots fill up fast during the holidays and let us know what services we may provide for you. We will set up a free consultation, about 30-60 minutes long, to meet you and your pets. During this free consultation we will answer any questions, go over paperwork and take detailed instructions to provide you with the peace of mind we will give your pets as much love and attention they deserve while you are away. You will return home to a happy pet.

Tips to help your Pet Sitter

  • If the first visit to your home is when it is dark out leave a light on.
  • If you cannot be contacted leave a name and number for someone who can make decisions for you.
  • If you have a Security System alert them you will have a pet sitter and get a code in case the alarm goes off.
  • Have all your pet supplies (plenty of them) and toys in view.
  • Inform your pet sitter of your pets likes and dislikes.
  • Make sure your pet has updated vaccinations and tags.

Mobile Dog Grooming

Lov4doggies Mobile Grooming will allow you to receive grooming service right at your door step in a self contained trailer. Many people appreciate the convenience. You no longer have to take the time to drop off and pick up your dog for grooming. Your dog is getting one on one attention and potentially not getting stressed out from other dogs or being away for the day. We offer latch key services. After the first visit if there is ever a time that you are not going to be home we can still come by and groom. Staying on a regular schedule will help keep nails and coat under control. We highly recommend that nails get trimmed at least every month if they are not getting warn down by normal activity.



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